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About Waltloo Meat & Chicken

In 1995 two cousins were looking to start a business to provide for their families. They bought the existing Waltloo Chicken Wholesalers in Zasm Street in Waltloo on the 1st of October 1995. Some time later, they were able to acquire the butchery next door in an auction. It led to the birth of Waltloo Meat & Chicken, a retailer of fresh and frozen meat and chicken products.

Through hard work and instilling honesty, dignity and respect into their work, these two cousins were able to turn their business into a winning concept. It is also these virtues that have established the business as a highly profitable retail meat and chicken franchise in South Africa.

Due to the business’ winning concept that benefits both franchisees and customers alike, the company has grown to over 40 franchise stores and is still growing.

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