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Waltloo Meat & Chicken is a retail meat and chicken franchise with opportunities for franchisees to invest in a highly profitable business. Although every Waltloo Meat & Chicken franchise has to conform to certain rules and regulations, a franchisee has the freedom to include additional products into his/her store and service their customers even further.

As a franchisor, we are extremely involved in assisting our franchisees in reaching success. We do this through ongoing:

  • Training

  • Marketing support

  • Merchandising support

  • Human resources support

  • Ongoing service standard support

  • Ongoing budgeting support

  • Ongoing operational skills and target support

  • And much more.

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The Waltloo franchise team provides the initial education and training as well as ongoing support to all franchisees.

A new franchisee will spend two weeks in an existing Waltloo Meat & Chicken and gain hands-on training on all aspects of running a franchise of their own.

The retail and operation training covered over these two weeks include:

  • Operating procedures & beyond

  • Marketing tools, concepts & success strategies

  • Team development

  • At the counter

  • Behind the scenes

  • Managing your money

  • Problem solving

  • Stock preparation

  • Business principles, essentials and attitude

  • Suppliers, purchasing and expenses

  • Costing, mark-up and profit

  • Ownership, records and management

  • Budgets, loans and cash flow

  • Merchandising, sales and presentation, etc.

Marketing Crucial to Franchisee Success:

The ongoing marketing of Waltloo is aimed at generating awareness, interest and desire; strengthening the Waltloo brand in the market place; driving revenues, increasing sales and stimulating repeat purchases.

The brand-building fund takes care of this and is applied nationally, regionally and locally.

The brand-building fund is made up from a specific percentage of the franchise fee.

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